We capture, analyse and interpret quantitative and qualitative data

Our skills in the capture, analysis and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data coupled with our understanding of the Australian health system enables us to develop regional health plans, design health service models, frameworks and programs grounded in needs and priorities of stakeholders and capability and capacity of providers.

KBC Australia’s approach to needs assessment, feasibility studies and service development typically includes:

  • Identification and analysis of relevant epidemiological and utilisation data
  • Service mapping and audit of available services and program
  • Literature reviews
  • Identification of best practice models
  • Stakeholder consultation including face to face and virtual interviews, focus groups and workshops
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Facilitation of workshops for information synthesis, priority setting and/or co-design
  • Development of plan or model inclusive of resource requirements and implementation strategies.

Examples of Needs Assessment, Feasibility Studies, Development of Services and Program: