Western Qld Primary Health Network

DATE: 2015 - 2016

Development of a Health Needs Assessment

KBC was engaged to assist the newly formed WQPHN to develop their Health Needs Assessment.

Key Deliverables:

  • Detailed technical paper
  • Stakeholder consultation across 3 geographical regions (900,000km2)
  • Service analysis to inform commissioning


  • Quantitative analysis of demographic and epidemiological data 
  • Quantitative analysis of health service utilisation data
  • Quantitative and qualitative service mapping
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Service and system gap analysis
  • Identification of best practice approaches to address service gaps
  • Analytical discussion and synthesis of issues and evidence including prioritisation of need


HNA was completed to meet DOH requirements

HNA has and continues to inform commissioning of services to meet identified gaps using best practice models