Rural Generalist Training Program: Education Review

CLIENT: Health Education and Training Institute (HETI)

DATE: 2019

The NSW Rural Generalist Medical Training Program is a supported training pathway for junior doctors seeking to pursue a career as a rural general practitioner (GP) able to provide primary care within a community general practice setting as well as advanced services and/or procedural skills within a rural hospital. The NSW Rural Generalist Medical Training Program is a collaboration between the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI), rural Local Health Districts and general practice training providers with the intent of providing an integrated training pathway.

KBC Australia was engaged to review the education program delivered to NSW Rural Generalist Medical Training Program (NSW RGTP) trainees to ensure they are best prepared for practice in the rural hospital and general practice environment.

The methodology included:

  • Desktop review of previous reports, evaluations and program documentation relating to the NSW Rural Generalist Training Program and Rural Generalist training programs in other jurisdictions
  • Stocktake of education and training requirements for advanced skills curriculum including identification of training/course providers
  • Consultations with key stakeholders internal and external to the program including HETI program personnel, Directors of LHN Medical Services, Managers of Junior Medical Officer Training, Specialist supervisors, GP supervisors, GP Regional Training Providers and Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

The Review highlighted the complexity of the training environment for junior doctors undertaking training toward a Rural Generalist qualification i.e. Fellowship of ACRRM and/or Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP) and the need for clarity of the roles of organisations.

As a result of this assignment:

  • An Education Framework was developed with consideration of clinical educational requirements, Rural Generalist education components and work readiness training. The framework identified key agencies responsible for delivery of education and training components and assessment of the trainee at each stage of the Rural Generalist pathway.
  • A calendar of Rural Generalist education program workshops to be developed and delivered by HETI Rural and Remote Portfolio.
  • Recommendations to progress implementation of the Framework were made.