NSW Health Education Training Institute

DATE: 2015

Program Design for the Rural Generalist Training Foundation Year: Concepts, Issues and Recommendations

KBC was engaged to review the current progress of the NSW Rural Generalist Program in order to inform program improvements through the development of a structured foundation year program. The review involved an industry scan of national approaches and consultations across rural NSW.


  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation
  • Environmental Scan
  • Conducting national industry scan and policy review
  • Development of discussion paper for consultation
  • Analytical discussion and synthesis of issues and evidence

Key Deliverables:

  • Industry scan of national approaches to foundation years in Rural Generalist programs
  • Development of the Review Framework
  • Discussion paper to inform consultations including background and issues requiring resolution
  • Consultations with Rural Generalists, specialist supervisors, HETI program managers, Local Health District managers and clinicians
    Final report incorporating recommendations for foundation year, including, selection process; assessment criteria and program components


Foundation Year has been implemented for new Rural Generalist Trainees.

KBC engaged to develop further aspects of the program including the support and supervision structures during the transition to general practice following completion of Advanced Skills Training.