Client: Orange, Cabonne and Blayney Councils

Skills Development Project: Development of a model to underpin the development of a regional workforce responsive to the demands of existing and emergent industries in the Orange, Cabonne and Blayney local government areas. The model is to be robust with elements, processes and methodologies transferable across industries

Project timeline: June 2003 – October 2003

Brief description:

  • Facilitate formation of strategic partnerships between industry and educational institutions to promote the development and growth of local employment opportunities through training and skills development tailored to the needs of local industry

  • Formation of networks to assist local industry with workforce planning

  • Identification of mechanisms to promote and encourage local career opportunities for youth

  • Model describing the methodology employed to develop an Industry and Skills Growth Strategy

  • Development of an Industry and Skills Growth Strategy for the mining engineering supply chain cluster (as the pilot industry)


3 models developed to address various aspects of skills shortages in the Central West of NSW. A follow-up project will be undertaken to implement one of the models using additional funding, the second model will be developed from within existing resources, and third model will be developed by Department of Education and Training using new funding