Client: Australian Government, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Regional health service planning under the Primary Health Care Access Program for the Near South West Community of Interest

Brief description:

  • Review recent needs assessments and planning processes within the Near South West COI, and identify the areas of work that are required with particular emphasis on creating an evidence base and a model of care

  • Undertake community, service provider and key stakeholder consultation in the northern section of the COI to clearly identify the health issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of the region

  • Produce a report detailing community-identified priorities for primary health care that informs the development of a Regional Health Strategic Plan

  • Work with the Regional Steering Committee to develop agreed models of viable and sustainable health service delivery (including budget) to meet prioritised needs not currently being addressed, which includes identification of suitable auspice organizations, commitment to community governance, strategies to improve community’s capacity to manage its own health services, health workforce requirements (skill mix and numbers) and strategies to overcome challenges of recruitment and retention of health professionals

  • Identify an implementation plan and associated budget to execute the Regional Health Strategic Plan


Near South West COI Regional Strategic Health Plan 2005-2010 endorsed by Regional Steering Committee and submitted to Queensland Partnership in March 2005