Client: Australian Government, Department of Health & Ageing, Office for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health

Options for the Provision of Hub Level Services in the Northern Territory

Project timeline: February 2009 - September 2009

Brief description:

The Australian Government committed significant funding to expand health service delivery in remote Northern Territory Indigenous communities from July 2008. The Expanding Health Service Delivery Initiative aims to deliver long-term, sustainable improvements in the Northern Territory primary health care system. It is managed by OATSIH in partnership with the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the Northern Territory (AMSANT) and the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families (NT DHF), referred to as The Partners


KBC developed and described a best practice model for the sustainable delivery of Hub level services across the Northern Territory Primary Health Care sector, developed and described five options for governance and management of the Hub service model, and described a mechanism for transition from current service arrangements to the various options for integrated regional service delivery