Client: Queensland Rural Medical Support Agency

Preparation of strategic discussion paper for the QRMSA to inform the organization, state and government policy in:

  • Development of viable solutions to meet the needs of the Qld rural medical workforce

This is a policy development project involving extensive literature review, industry scoping, quantitative data collation and field based qualitative research including focus groups and stakeholder interviews. Synthesis of this information resulted in the identification of adaptations of existing models to improve sustainability of rural medical workforce, and development of new models for sustainable primary care within existing funding frameworks and other funding scenarios. The product was an evidence-based policy documents for presentation to state and commonwealth government.

Title of publication:

Queensland Rural Medical Support Agency 2004. Solutions to the provision of primary care to rural and remote communities in Queensland. Brisbane: QRMSA 

Stage 2 of this project is the application of several of the models and adaptations identified in the paper in communities in North-West Queensland, Central West Qld and South West Queensland.