Client: Rural Health West

The Rural Practice Pathway Western Australia – Review and Recommendations Study

Project timeline: January 2014 – July 2014

Brief description:

The Rural Practice Pathway aims to provide young doctors with better access to training in rural and remote areas. Since 2007 there has been significant progress towards achieving the primary goal, with a range of options now available for students or doctors-in-training to experience country medicine, throughout their career.

Rural Health West commissioned KBC Australia to work with the Rural Practice Pathway Steering Group to review the current model and make recommendations for future direction of the program.  Activities included:-

  1. Desk based research/analysis to describe a brief history, milestones and success of the Rural Practice Pathway in Western Australia between 2007 and 2013.
  2. A combination of desk based research and face to face consultation with key Western Australian stakeholders to map current activity; and identify gaps in respect to the following Rural Practice Pathway domains:
      1. Governance, coordination and administration

      2. Workforce planning

      3. Promotions and marketing

      4. GP/Hospital integration planning, implementation and monitoring processes

      5. Curriculum, accreditation and credentialing activity

      6. Recruitment and selection processes

      7. Employment factors and current status , including working conditions; accommodation and travel; remuneration and industrial relations;

      8. Posts and placement coordination

      9. Mentoring and support services

      10. Current financial resourcing and expenditure.       

  3. Document findings from the desktop review and consultations: The Rural Practice Pathway Western Australia, Issues and Concepts paper, May 2014.

  4. Develop and document a business case for a pilot program to provide a coordinated training program for rural medical generalists in Western Australia, The Generalist Training Track.