Client: The Bourke Pool Group (consisting of Bourke community members and local health organisations)

The Bourke Swimming Pool Social Impact Study

Project timeline: March 2010 - April 2010

Brief description:

In June 2009, Bourke community members combined with local health organisations to form the Bourke Pool Group as they shared strong concerns that deterioration and public health and safety issues may force Bourke Pool to close in the near future. The committee initiated the process of advocating for the refurbishment of Bourke Pool, commissioning and funding The Bourke Swimming Pool Social Impact Study. The purpose of the study was to identify and describe the social, health and economic relevance of the Bourke War Memorial Pool to the community


The study demonstrates the social relevance of Bourke War Memorial Pool to the community. It

  • Provides a brief overview of the Bourke region

  • Identifies the current social, educational and health related use of the pool

  • Scopes the potential uses and benefits of a new pool, refurbishments and additions to the Bourke Pool complex and

  • Presents supporting evidence obtained through community consultation and surveys regarding the pool’s current use and scope for expanding use of a new or refurbished pool