Client: Queensland Health Central Area Health Service Clinical Support Unit

Evaluation of Community Based Rehabilitation Teams (CBRT) in Queensland

Timeline: May 2008 – September 2008

Brief description:

The purpose of the study was the evaluation of seven community based multidisciplinary rehabilitation teams


  • Identification of evidence-based guidelines for the delivery of community based rehabilitation in national and international literature

  • Analysis of key CBRT program guidelines and protocols in Queensland against national and international benchmarks

  • Examination of the existing individual service models, access and patterns of usage, services provided, linkages and resources, and any evolution from the original planned model and identification of the forces driving that change

  • Development of key principles for meaningful data collection and management

  • Identification of barriers and enablers within the CBRTs

  • Guidelines for development of a coherent CBRT service model in Queensland including governance and management, service delivery frameworks, workforce planning and linkages with stakeholders and agencies

  • Recommendations to facilitate transition to a new service model