Client: Northern QLD Rural Division of General Practice

Undertake the formative and summative evaluation of the North West QLD Allied Health Service

Project timeline: July 2002 – February 2004

Brief description:

  • Development of an evaluation framework based on the primary domains of operational management, recruitment and retention of allied health professionals, service delivery, community participation and integration; and the secondary domains of client outcomes, health promotion, community development, access, mentoring and therapy assistants

  • Identification of key sentinel communities/discipline and diseases for surveillance

  • Formative six-monthly reports, with recommendations for modifications to the service (urgent recommendations notified immediately), and emphasis on process and impact evaluation

  • Summative report, at near completion of three-year program, with emphasis on outcome evaluation, with major recommendations for recurrent budgetary period

  • Involvement in development of annual business plans and periodic modifications of strategic plan as well as significant role in preparation of recurrent funding application and plan

  • Publication of suitable findings in appropriate locations and presentation of findings at identified local meetings, national and international forums and to individuals and/or organizations as required