Client: Health Education and Training Institute

Evaluation of the NSW Graduate Health Management Program

Project timeline: September 2013 – December 2013

Brief description:

KBC Australia was contracted to undertake a program evaluation of the NSW Graduate Health Management Program (GHMP) as it operated from 2008 - 2013.  The aim of the evaluation was to identify:-

  • How the program meets the stated objectives for NSW Health  

  • Evidence of the value/difference the program makes to the NSW Health system

  • Evidence for future program planning for health service management needs of NSW Health.

Three levels of inquiry were undertaken with the following stakeholder groups:

  • Local Health Districts/Networks (LHDN) and pillar organisations from an organisational perspective in meeting workforce development aims, and operational perspective in employing and managing Trainees  

  • Past Trainees - their experiences within the program and subsequent career goals and paths

  • Current Trainees - their experiences within the program.

A mixed method approach was used to collect both quantitative and qualitative information. This included:-

- Development of an evaluation framework

- Distribution of surveys to maximise input from Local Health Districts/Networks, Trainees (current and past), and placement supervisors.

- Semi-structured interviews with a small number of informants from each stakeholder group to gain a deeper understanding of issues covered in the survey. 

- A thematic analysis of interview data

- Information Synthesis workshop to identify key findings arising from the surveys and interviews, recommendations for program improvements and future directions.

- Identification and reporting on key themes and issues and to inform future directions for the program. 

KBC Australia provided the Health Education and Training Institute and NSW with triangulated information to inform future planning for health service management needs.