Client: Queensland Health

Undertake an Evaluation of the Five Community Based Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation Teams (CBRTs)

Project timeline: June 2008 - November 2008

Brief description:

The Evaluation was completed by Kristine Battye Consulting Pty Ltd with the assistance of RhED Consulting Pty Ltd and Wolfe and Associates
  • Evaluate the current service model (including patterns of service usage)
  • Assess the impact of CBRTs on hospital services, transition from hospital, and overall quality of care for stroke management in Queensland
  • Determine the functional and psychosocial outcomes for patients and to what extent these can be attributed to the service model. Assess what access to the service has been like for referred patients and to what extent carers and family members have been involved in the CBRT programs


  • Detailed description of service models operating at each location
  • Presentation of a possible coherent state-wide service model