Client: Department of Health and Ageing, Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Provision of Services to Complete a Descriptive Analysis of New Directions Mother and Babies Services Program

Project timeline: June 2012 - February 2013

Brief description:

DoHA engaged KBC to undertake a descriptive analysis of services funded under the New Directions Mothers and Babies Services Program in order to describe the services being provided and how these services meet the objectives of the program. The Analysis was conducted in five stages:

  1. Project establishment and communication strategy which involved negotiating the scope of the project and developing mechanisms t ensure services and relevant parts of DoHA were kept informed about the project, its purpose and progress 
  2. Document analysis which involved reviewing Action Plans for each of the funded services to identify service models and to identify issues for inclusion in the survey

  3. Survey design and implementation and collection of resources which involved synthesising information from the Action Plans into an on-line survey gathering information about what activities were undertaken by services as well as information about data collection, resources developed by projects and barriers and enablers to service delivery

  4. In-depth interviews/site visits - site visits were undertaken to 16 services, including a mix of organisations from different States as well as urban, rural and remote locations. A case study was prepared on each service including descriptions of the service model, client groups, resources developed, data collection, partnerships and linkages as well as barriers and enablers to service delivery

  5. Information synthesis - data collected from both the surveys and the site visits has been collated into a Final Report containig background and context setting, the methodology used, a detailed report on the survey findings, case study reports and discussion/syntesis section. 

All 5 stages have been completed on time and on budget and have been accepted by the Department.