Client: Cancer Australia

Evaluation of the Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with Lung Cancer and their Communities Project

Project timeline: June 2013 – June 2015

Brief description:

Evaluate the performance of the “Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with lung cancer and their communities” project with respect to its aims and objectives, through a comprehensive project evaluation. 

This project has three key components:

  • Community workshops to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer, referral and benefits of earlier stage diagnosis. These workshops are targeted at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and Aboriginal Health Workers
  • National summits to increase awareness for health professionals and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of evidence based approaches to assessment, treatment and  support of people with lung cancer

  • Aboriginal Health Worker education resources to increase uptake of best practice assessment, treatment and support for people with lung cancer.

KBC Australia has worked with Cancer Australia to develop and document the program logic, develop the evaluation framework and undertake the evaluation of each component.